Ensuring public safety across Seattle is an essential commitment to our community’s well-being and the protection of our residents. Our city’s unique character and vibrant culture deserve to thrive in an environment where everyone feels secure and protected. To achieve this goal, we pledge to uphold the following core principles:

1. Strengthening Public Safety Partnerships:

We are committed to working closely with Seattle’s Mayor Bruce Harrell to bolster the city’s police force. By collaborating effectively, we can enhance law enforcement capabilities, improve response times, and ensure that our neighborhoods are safer for everyone. Public safety is a collective effort, and we aim to reinforce the vital partnership between city leadership and the police.

As Chair of the Seattle Human Rights Commission, I championed constitutional policing and accountability for the Seattle Police Department. As a council member, I’ll continue this commitment by advocating for robust police accountability, including holding the SPOG contract accountable and empowering the OIG for effective oversight. I’ll maintain impartiality by not accepting contributions from law enforcement, prioritizing our community’s needs and safety above all else.

We also need to add more behavioral health and crisis responders, finalize our civilian alternative responder program which includes upscaling our Community Service Officer program, and work with neighborhood groups such as Seattle Neighborhood group and Neighborhoods for Smart Streets. We need these many approaches to deal with the multitude of public safety challenges across Seattle.

2. Addressing the Sex Trade on Aurora:

In tackling the complex issue of the sex trade on Aurora Avenue, a multi-faceted approach is essential. Firstly, it’s crucial to strengthen law enforcement efforts to investigate and prosecute pimps and exploiters, reducing the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. However, we must also recognize the importance of providing support and safe alternatives for those engaged in sex work. Collaborating with organizations like the Green Light Project can offer sustainable pathways for individuals at risk to access care and assistance, ultimately helping them transition away from street-based sex work.

3. Building Safer Streets in Every Neighborhood:

Ensuring safe and accessible streets for all residents of Seattle is a fundamental priority. Everyone, from pedestrians and schoolchildren to cyclists, drivers, and those living with disabilities, should have the confidence to navigate our city without concerns about inadequate infrastructure. As a council member, my commitment is to prioritize the construction of sidewalks in areas most affected by heavy traffic, with a long-term vision of creating safe and walkable streets throughout Seattle.

Additionally, I will advocate for disability justice by working towards providing secure and accessible transit options for individuals with mobility challenges. This includes the development of safe interurban bike routes, as well as the revitalization of existing bike routes, to encourage sustainable and inclusive modes of transportation for our diverse community. Together, we can build a Seattle where everyone can travel safely and with ease.

4. Ending Gun Violence for Good:

Gun violence is a pervasive threat that affects the very fabric of our communities, posing dangers to schools, seniors, small businesses, and every individual. While serving as a King County Superior Court Judge, I took action by implementing numerous Extreme Risk Protection Orders to remove firearms from high-risk individuals, a critical step in reducing gun-related harm. I am committed to expanding these efforts and collaborating with gun violence interruption programs to further mitigate the impact of gun violence on our neighborhoods. Additionally, I recognize the importance of maintaining a robust police force equipped to respond effectively to gun-related emergencies, ensuring the safety and security of our city remains a top priority. Together, we can work towards the day when gun violence is a thing of the past, creating safer communities for all.