Tackling climate change in the Pacific Northwest is paramount to the sustainability of our environment, and protection of our people. Our region’s unique beauty and cherished way of life are under threat, making it imperative that we elect leaders who are committed to taking meaningful, measurable action to protect our home for generations to come.

Our mission begins with fundamental principles:

1. Protecting Our Home and Each Other:

We already have witnessed¬† the escalating impacts of extreme weather, we must act swiftly. Starting with public spaces and communities burdened by poor air quality, we will protect and expand our urban tree canopy, and green spaces. Everyone should benefit from the cool and clean air urban forests provide. Additionally, we’ll fortify our public infrastructure, ensuring it can withstand extreme weather, including safeguarding our waterfront. Furthermore, I will work to put more resources for heat pump incentives, making clean and reliable heating and air conditioning accessible to all.

2. Deploying Clean Energy for Everyone:

Our region’s future depends on a rapid transition away from fossil fuels. To do this, we must ensure clean energy technology is affordable and available to all. This includes a thoughtful transition to 100% clean, emission-free buses and vans along Seattle metro routes, starting with areas with the most air pollution. I will also prioritize ensuring that every household has the opportunity to rely on 100% clean energy by expanding incentives and eligibility for heat pumps and electric vehicles. Moreover, we will mandate energy scores for buildings upon sale and collaborate with commercial building owners and Seattle City Light to establish a comprehensive network of public and private electric vehicle charging stations throughout our city.

3. Small changes that can make a big difference in protecting our environment:

Point of sale energy scores for residential and commercial buildings. Electrify all government vehicles. Building permitting incentives for buildings that maintain/expand tree cover, add EV charging, and entirely clean energy. Reforest public land and ROWs citywide using state CCA offset funds. Provide a vehicle car tab rebate for EVs for households with low or middle income. Expand energy standards to residential buildings to limit/stop new natural gas hookups.

We can and need to forge a sustainable path forward for the Pacific Northwest, preserving the beauty and vitality of our region for generations to come. On council, I will join in this crucial endeavor to protect our home and secure clean energy for everyone.