Over the course of her career, Cathy has worked to improve systems, restore lives, and build community. On City Council, she will use that experience to make real progress on the challenges facing our city.

    • Boost the number of police officers and provide community service officers in every neighborhood
    • Pass police accountability measures
    • Establish crisis responder programs
    • Remove illegal firearms and expand gun violence intervention programs
    • Expand mental health and substance abuse treatment programs
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    • Immediate outreach to mitigate tent and RV encampments
    • Provide 24/7 access to shelter
    • Build more tiny house homes and safe lots
    • Keep people facing housing instability in homes
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    • Preserve existing affordable housing
    • Require more affordable units in new developments
    • Build family-sized and workforce housing options
    • Create social housing options
    • Add housing diversity to our neighborhoods
    • Establish a Climate Resilience department to create and implement a comprehensive action plan
    • Expand intra-city bus service to create a comprehensive transit system
    • Create more pedestrian and cyclist safe routes
    • Protect trees, watersheds, and green spaces
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